Corner Brook Website Development by SilverHawk Promotions

In the early days of the Internet, website development was something everyone could “do”.  Many companies and individuals in Corner Brook and across Newfoundland became website developers in an effort to capitalize on the dot com boom happening worldwide.

Corner Brook has seen its share of web development companies but what truly separates the novice web developer from the professional web developer is the attention given to detail.  Web development is much more than creating a website.  It is about building a web design that captures the essence of a business with design, creativity and functionality.

One of the better web development companies encountered in the Corner Brook area is actually not a Corner Brook company.  One of the better web development companies in Newfoundland that caters to the small and medium sized businesses operates from Clarenville, NL.

SilverHawk Promotions from Clarenville, NL had collaborated on several web development projects in the Corner Brook area and brought with it a wealth of experience and knowledge in both graphic design and website development.

The owner of SilverHawk Promotions, Ms. Kim Baker brings over seven years of experience in website development and marketing solutions to the table.  She has collaborated with companies across Canada and the United States and has developed websites for clients both large and small from all sectors.  With a passion for detail, SilverHawk has the experience and the know-how to tackle any web development project starting at the creative design to programming the finished product.

Don’t let SilverHawk Promotions’ distance from Corner Brook fool you.  This is a company that can deliver on any website development project.  The entire nature of the Internet means customers and businesses from around the world can interact on projects and communicate seamlessly across the digital divide.

If you are a small or mid-sized company in the Corner Brook area, why not look to SilverHawk Promotions for your website development needs?  You won’t be disappointed you did.

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