Reliable Newfoundland Web Hosting Companies

Finding a reliable web hosting company in Newfoundland poses unique challenges.

With Newfoundland being an island there was at one point only one major telecommunications link to the island via an underwater cable from the mainland of Canada.  Web hosting in Newfoundland could potentially be impacted by an outage and therefore result in on-island servers being cutoff form the rest of the Internet world.

In recent days, the addition of an additional off-island link and and additional cross-island fiber optic network, both Internet access and web hosting services within Newfoundland enjoy more redundancy.  These factors have also resulted in a reduction of bandwidth costs making the creation of Newfoundland web hosting companies a viable venture for many smaller computer companies.

The majority of web hosting services in Newfoundland is offered from several major players in the market with one of the most recognized web hosting companies being Aliant (recently acquired by Bell Canada).

Bell Aliant’s web hosting packagesprovides customers in Newfoundland access to affordable and flexible web hosting solutions based on their need.  Customers utilizing Bell Aliant Internet services in Newfoundland have access to free web hosting services that provide 1 GB of bandwidth and 10 MB of disk storage for websites.  For many small businesses within the province, this is sufficient to establish a small Internet presence without incurring the cost of a larger dedicated web hosting package.

Other web hosting packages are also available and range in price from $14.95 to $39.95 depending on the amount of bandwidth and disk space required.  At $14.95, Newfoundland customers gain access to reliable web hosting services with ample bandwidth and disk space to establish a comprehensive web site.

Not to be outdone by Bell Aliant another major player in the Newfoundland web hosting market is Rogers Communications.  After acquiring Cable Atlantic several years ago, Rogers Communications has jumped into the market place for both residential and business phone services, competing directly with Aliant for customers in both Internet services and web hosting services.

Rogers Communications offers Newfoundland businesses access to affordable and feature rich web hosting packages from $14.95 to $99.95 per month.  Unlike Bell Aliant, Rogers does not offer a basic web hosting package for its Newfoundland customers.

In recent days, Eastlink Communications has acquired several smaller cable companies in the province of Newfoundland and has expanded its residential Internet services to include a range of business services, including web hosting.  With Eastlink’s web hosting packages, Newfoundland customers are offered from $9.95 to $179.95 per month, depending the amount of disk storage and bandwidth requirements.  Unlike Bell Aliant, Eastlink has followed Rogers Communications and charges for its basic web hosting package.

While these three companies are some of the largest players in  the Newfoundland web hosting market, most of these companies maintain infrastructure off-island and offer dedicated 24×7 technical support.

What does this mean for customers?

Basically, by moving their web hosting infrastructures off the island of Newfoundland these companies are avoiding any network congestion and potential outages caused by off-island telecommunications.  Plus, these companies can piggyback on larger existing data centres reducing costs and passing savings to customers.  24×7 technical support means any Newfoundland based site hosted by these companies has access to dedicated technical support in times of need – something that many smaller web hosting companies are unable to offer.

There is no denying Bell Aliant, Rogers Communications and Eastlink Communications offers Newfoundlanders access to relatively inexpensive and reliable web hosting services, with many packages to meet both individual and business needs.