St. John’s Social Media, SEO and Marketing Consultant – Lorne Pike & Associates

There’s no denying the impact social media is having in the online world.  Businesses are struggling to find a successful social media strategy that not only provides an effective SEO boost but also captures the marketing potential of this new era of internet marketing.

Enter Lorne Pike & Associates, a St. John’s based social media, SEO and marketing consultant.  Recognizing the value and return being demanded by businesses for their marketing investment, Lorne Pike has not only recognized the implications of social media but has successfully integrated into his marketing strategies.

Lorne Pike Associates may be based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, but the reach of this organization stretches across North American and Europe, bringing unique perspectives and proven strategies for SEO, Social Media, marketing and web design to the boardrooms worldwide.

Any company within St. John’s, Newfoundland wanting an edge in the new and highly social Internet has perhaps one of the best resources located in their own neck of the woods.  Lorne Pike & Associates, bring social media, SEO and marketing to Newfoundland businesses.