IT Companies in Newfoundland

Many computer companies in Newfoundland incorrectly classify themselves as “IT” companies.  Yes, it’s true that selling and servicing computers is a branch of the IT industry but in the larger sense of information technology, selling computers does not put you in the same class as full service IT companies.

With that being said, there are several large scale full service IT companies operating in Newfoundland.  These companies offer a range of IT services from system integration, application development, IT consulting services as well as computer sales and service.  Many employ a variety of personnel with software and hardware experience, certified in network design and implementation and capable of handling any IT needs.

The bulk of the full service IT companies in Newfoundland are located in St. John’s on the Avalon Peninsula.  Companies such as X-Wave Solutions, Compusult, and InfoTech Solutions have managed clients throughout the province and have also established a national and international IT presence.  Such information technology companies in Newfoundland have formed partnerships with large manufacturers such as IBM, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, allowing them to access to the system integration and expertise from within those companies as well.

Due to the nature of these IT businesses, the hourly charges for service are typically higher than what a “computer company” would charge.  However, what a customer is buying is much more than the expertise, they are buying access to the entire infrastructure and service mechanisms built into these larger IT companies.  It usually means customers have access to many added-value services as well.

If it is a full service Newfoundland IT company you are seeking there are many than can meet all your needs.  Just remember these are not your typical “computer stores” and do more than simply sell computers.