Western Digital’s 3TB Hard Disk Drive

Western Digital has announced its 3TB WD Cavier Green internal hard drive, pushing the limits of storage even further.  Boasting a 64MB cache, the Western Digital 3TB drive is SATA 3Gbit/sec compatible and is the largest internal hard drive currently available.

All this hard disk storage does come with a catch.

The new drives will require users to switch to GUID Partition Tables (GPT) instead of the traditional Master Boot Record (MBR) based partition tables.  Traditional MBR partition tables allowed for a maximum partition size allowing 2.19TB of data, but the new Western Digital 3TB drive with GPT allows the partition size to go beyond this limitation.

People wanting to use the new Western Digital 3TB Cavier drive using 32-bit Windows XP operating systems will require a piece of software – Paragon GPT Loader – which is included free to earlier adopters of this new 3TB hard drive.

Additionally, users wanting to install the largest hard disk drive in their computer systems will find that not all software applications can use GPT but again, Western Digital has come up with a workaround – a HighPoint Rocket 620 half-height SATA card that it ships with its new 3TB hard drive.  This card handles the emulation (if needed) and allows software to work with their new 3TB hard drive.

With the Western Digital 3TB Cavier drive expected to cost around $230 retail, you can pick up two Western Digital 2TB drives for approximately $180 retail.

Watch for Western Digital’s 3TB drive to begin shipping and for the price to drop as the drive becomes more mainstream.