HP Mini 1103 – Netbook for Newfoundlanders

Many Newfoundlanders are looking for an inexpensive alternative to their desktop computer systems.  The new HP Mini 1103 Netbook offers Newfoundlanders this alternative.

With most netbooks users have complained of small screens, minimal battery life and limited pre-installed software.  The new HP Mini 1103 addresses these pitfalls and offers Newfoundland users a netbook with a six-cell battery, full Corel Office Suite and a free, ad-supported Microsoft Office bundle.  Additionally, they’ve tossed in McAfee security suite to boot.

What users will notice is this isn’t the fastest nebook on the market and the Intel Atom N455 processor that’s included will at times appear sluggish but it still isn’t the slowest netbook out there.  However, the software included with the new Netbook HP Mini 1103 more than makes up for its sluggish performance.

The HP Mini 1103 has an estimated street price of $299 and will ship with a keyboard that is almost the size of a full sized keyboard, coming in at about 93% of the size.  The battery has a life of of over 5 hours, making it one of the best in this class of netbook.

Shipping with a 10.1 inch screen, 1 GB of memory, web cam, a 250 GB Hard Drive and Windows 7 starter, the HP Mini 1033 weighs only 2.8 pounds and offers a balance of performance and portability that is really hard to beat in the netbook market.

With a complete 1-Year warranty, the HP Mini 1103 makes this netbook attractive to any computer user.