Canadian Senior AAA & Allan Cup Hockey Discussion

Canadian Senior AAA Hockey and the Allan Cup Championship have existed for over 100 years.  With Senior / Senior AAA hockey teams battling for a national championship every April, awareness of senior hockey discussion reaches its peak in those communities supporting teams.

This year’s 2014 Allan Cup Senior AAA Hockey Championship is taking place in Dundas, Ontario, with 6 teams from across the country taking part in the pinnacle tournament for senior hockey in Canada.

To raise awareness of the game of hockey, a local Newfoundland company has launched Canadian Hockey Talk Discussion Forum.  This site is dedicated to Senior / Senior AAA / hockey in general across Canada and builds upon a popular brand previously created.

The new website offers an online discussion forum that provides discussion areas for each province’s senior hockey fans to discuss their favourite teams.  There are also sections on the website that allows for discussion of minor, junior, AHL, NHL and university hockey.

If you’re looking for some great discussion on Canadian Senior / Senior AAA / Allan Cup information, check out Canadian Hockey Talk.