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Scaling Your Site with Cloud Hosting

Website hosting is probably one of the most mature businesses in existence on the Internet.  Whether you are a mom and pop shop with a small informational site or a large online retailer, hosting forms the foundation of your online presence.

From shared hosting to dedicated server hosting, the fundamentals of how things operate are very similar in the webhosting world.  However, technology has improved so much in the last few years.  Hosting companies now offer low virtual private servers (VPS) and cloud hosting environments capable of scaling to the demands of a growing business.

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Reliable Newfoundland Web Hosting Companies

Finding a reliable web hosting company in Newfoundland poses unique challenges.

With Newfoundland being an island there was at one point only one major telecommunications link to the island via an underwater cable from the mainland of Canada.  Web hosting in Newfoundland could potentially be impacted by an outage and therefore result in on-island servers being cutoff form the rest of the Internet world.

In recent days, the addition of an additional off-island link and and additional cross-island fiber optic network, both Internet access and web hosting services within Newfoundland enjoy more redundancy.  These factors have also resulted in a reduction of bandwidth costs making the creation of Newfoundland web hosting companies a viable venture for many smaller computer companies. Read more…

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